Monday, October 12, 2015

I Have Realized That After Living Alone For Three Years Now

Many of my habits have changed

Many I would never mention! But one I noticed this morning that I had not consciously acknowledged to myself before has to do with my morning coffee. I admit my morning coffee habits are not very interesting. I make the coffee when I first get up before I plant myself in front of the computer. Usually downing my first cup reading my emails.  Then its back to the kitchen and here mornings do vary. I might realize it's time for my medicine or I might realize it time to feed the 4-leggens (i.e. the cats and dogs). So I move to the bedroom, I move to the cat room, I here and there. I go outside. I come inside. I carry around buckets of water. Sometime I answer the phone so early. And of course during all this I must have another cup of coffee! 

Maybe I should explain a bit about myself. Well only this relevant bit. I don't see very well. I only see with one eye. And that eye doesn't have much peripheral vision and I have been told has macular degeneration. Just in case you are thinking doesn't that mean...yes it does mean. I have very narrow vision and the center of that narrow vision is kind of blank.

You probably know where I am going with this to the point you have all ready guessed that I have lost, misplaced my coffee cup. Yet before I get breakfast or start making my orders I need more of coffee! I used to go back walking through the house scanning for my cup but I rarely ever found it. Just not having the time to scour with my limited vision every inch of every rooms. I stopped trying and started grabbing another cup. It was not that worrying. Sometime during the day I would see the lost cup and carry it back to the kitchen. More dirty dishes. Who cares. I live alone so no one even knows.

Well I started simplifying life and at night when I washed the dishes I put the TWO coffee cups over by the coffee maker. Ready for my morning coffee! Never thought much about it again. Till this morning. This morning I realized there were THREE coffee cups over by the coffee maker!  One for each cup of coffee I was going to drink this morning. So did I recently start drinking three cups of coffee instead of two or did I always drink three cups but now I lose the second cup therefore needing a third coffee cup?

Oh who cares and thank goodness I live alone! No one is saying something like "What's this?" and no one is grabbing one of my coffee cups!