Monday, February 15, 2016

Random Ad Lines

Vintage The New Yorker Magazine OOAK Fridge Magnets

Random bits from vintage The New Yorker Magazines that by all rights I should have thrown away years ago after suffering water damage causing foxing and bleeding. But I just can't throw anything away! So I started making these magnets from the good bits last Christmas for stocking stuffers and they were a big hit. Then of course I just had to start making them for my shop. They are, as I said, original bits from ads and text so no two will be alike. They are fun and great conversation starter and party favors! 

I love making these magnets. I get to enjoy the old New Yorker Magazines again. I have spent many many hours in my life flipping through these. Even before I could read I would look at all the cartoons The New Yorker is famous for. My education in social history begun when I would have to have my father explain the cartoons to me. You had to know what was going on in the 20s 30s 40s to get the joke. Now I get to turn bits of them that would have ended in the trash into cool little magnets!

Each set is, of course OOAK (One of a kind). I did some grouping of like subjects but with variety. The New Yorker was from the very first the epitome of cosmopolitan sophistication. Sophisticated humor was an aim of the founders, Harold Ross and his wife Jane Grant. The New Yorker evolved into a magazine that featured the most renowned writers and journalist of their times. And the ads, the ads were from the elite companies catering to the elite New Yorkers! Fashion, Liquors, Home Deco, World Travel, the Theatre the Night Life and oh yes the Cuisine!

And through out the magazine the best illustrators, humanist, and artist scattered their best works. The New Yorker Magazine even gave us a catalogue of all the art and entertainment weekly available in New York. "Goings On About Town, A Conscientious Calendar of Events of Interest". Boy how interesting to see whose art was showing in the galleries at the same time what was a hit on Broadway!

Goings on About Town Magnets

I guess you can tell I have a life long love of the New Yorker Magazine. Can't say I read most of the articles but I can tell you my love of vintage advertisements and ad art started with the New Yorker. 
 And how can I end without speaking of the forever famous New Yorker Magazine Covers. My favorite, I think, is Mary Petty and her Peabody family. Arnold Hall, Perry Barlow.....I could never name them all. But I love them all!

The New Yorker Magazine Cover Mary Petty

And to close:
To my father, the man who purchased all The New Yorker Magazines from the first one till the last published before his death, thanks. To all the people who have been part of The New Yorker Magazines, thanks.