Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Ultimate Control Freaks Power Grab

You can find on pretty much any forum, news source, news opinion source, social media platform many grievances against our Government! Against our national government, or our local and state governments. No matter what your political or social beliefs and agendas are almost everyone has a beef with “government”! I have a beef with our government. Many beefs!

But one of my biggest even though it is one of the most minor beefs, is our government plain flat screwing up our lives twice, yes twice a year! So idiotic is this manipulation I tend to believe it is malicious.  Government’s cruel joke.  The ultimate control freak’s power grab. The control of time. My time and your time.  Day time and night time. Daylight Saving Time.

Someone needs to tell those fools that eight o’clock is eight o’clock. Not sometimes seven o’clock or sometimes nine o’clock. It’s just eight o’clock. It’s like telling me you are cutting government spending when you are really spending more just calling it less.

I’m not going to fall for these lies and manipulations of the true anymore. I revolt! I am not changing even one single clock!

And I am going to make sure the rest of my life I do not vote for anyone who has shown they believe they can manipulate me into believing eight o’clock is seven o’clock or that spending more is really spending less!

Monday, October 12, 2015

I Have Realized That After Living Alone For Three Years Now

Many of my habits have changed

Many I would never mention! But one I noticed this morning that I had not consciously acknowledged to myself before has to do with my morning coffee. I admit my morning coffee habits are not very interesting. I make the coffee when I first get up before I plant myself in front of the computer. Usually downing my first cup reading my emails.  Then its back to the kitchen and here mornings do vary. I might realize it's time for my medicine or I might realize it time to feed the 4-leggens (i.e. the cats and dogs). So I move to the bedroom, I move to the cat room, I here and there. I go outside. I come inside. I carry around buckets of water. Sometime I answer the phone so early. And of course during all this I must have another cup of coffee! 

Maybe I should explain a bit about myself. Well only this relevant bit. I don't see very well. I only see with one eye. And that eye doesn't have much peripheral vision and I have been told has macular degeneration. Just in case you are thinking doesn't that mean...yes it does mean. I have very narrow vision and the center of that narrow vision is kind of blank.

You probably know where I am going with this to the point you have all ready guessed that I have lost, misplaced my coffee cup. Yet before I get breakfast or start making my orders I need more of coffee! I used to go back walking through the house scanning for my cup but I rarely ever found it. Just not having the time to scour with my limited vision every inch of every rooms. I stopped trying and started grabbing another cup. It was not that worrying. Sometime during the day I would see the lost cup and carry it back to the kitchen. More dirty dishes. Who cares. I live alone so no one even knows.

Well I started simplifying life and at night when I washed the dishes I put the TWO coffee cups over by the coffee maker. Ready for my morning coffee! Never thought much about it again. Till this morning. This morning I realized there were THREE coffee cups over by the coffee maker!  One for each cup of coffee I was going to drink this morning. So did I recently start drinking three cups of coffee instead of two or did I always drink three cups but now I lose the second cup therefore needing a third coffee cup?

Oh who cares and thank goodness I live alone! No one is saying something like "What's this?" and no one is grabbing one of my coffee cups!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Today I Saw...

Oh my goodness! I never click on internet ads but I almost did! Out of the corner of my eye I saw something that quickened my heart rate. I thought I was looking at a spray bottle of Tabasco! WOW! I was so excited! Yes Yes! Then I notice the spray bottle sure looked a lot like Febreze's bottles. Then the big big disappointment. I won't be able to spray my pulled pork with Tabasco anytime soon it seems..........Wait I can buy empty spray bottles! Yes got to get to the store!