Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Twist On An Old Item

Dictionary Book Page Giclee Prints

I have been selling Dictionary Book Page Collages on Etsy since 2010 but recently had a customer who wanted to string hers across her window like a banner or bunting but the printing on the back side of the book page could be seen when the light shown through and ruined the image.  
Of course I had to come up with a solution. And not only did I come up with a solution but I made the decision to make this solution available to others. 
I had been wondering if maybe I should branch out on eBay and list more than the select few Dishwasher Magnets I have been listing there for a good while.  I sold extensively on eBay before I went to Etsy in 2006 about a year after they opened.  And with all the changes at Etsy and the sudden crash in sales that happens with no known reason I had gotten that nervous twitch that come from having all my eggs in one basket! Or most of my eggs at least. So I found myself thinking maybe I'll try a couple of these new dictionary book page prints. 
These are not the same as what I sell on Etsy. On Etsy the picture is printed on an original dictionary page for the customer. These are images of those collages that are printed on medium heavy card sock. These look wonderful strung across the window or above the couch. They are, unlike the book page collages, sturdy enough to hold up and not tear up. And there is not any back print to clutter the image when lit from behind.  Also I was able to adjust sizing so ready made mats and frames will work with ease. 
And another little perk. They can be purchased on a slightly vintage motley color cardstock or purchased on white cardstock giving you a glorious black and white piece of artwork.