Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Finally Design Complete Photos Good Enough


My Vintage Photo Light Boxes 

are for Sale!

The leap over the last hurdle was yesterday when, after trying this and trying that, I got listing pictures that I think are OK. Pictures are not, shall we say, easy for me. Most of my items are listed with either digital image or scanned images. I'm just not good at photos. Never the right place. Never the right light.

And to boot I had the "new" phone. Like many my phone is my only camera now. The new phone had to charge up. Then had to download all the new updates. Then had to be charge up again. Then it wanted to do more updates! Not only that it is a replacement Galaxy 5. You would think it would be just like my broken Galaxy 5. But no. I have spent two days trying to figure it out. Still baffled. Enough rant about smart phones!

Back to my new items!
 Love this image of sisters from early 1900s. You might not be able to see that they are both barefooted. But they have their big beautiful bows in their hair!