Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Dishwasher Flip Magnets

Txalteredart's Dishwasher Magnets

Five years ago I was feed up! I was so sick and tired of hearing at least 3 times a day,
"Are these clean or dirty?".
Half of the time I had no idea. 
But I was feed up!
My companion had been screen printing for a couple of years at that time and was thinking about what he could do if he expanded to heat pressing also. It sounded interesting to me, (screen printing never did), and I got a bit excited dreaming about just what I could do with a heat press. We looked around and found a used one close to us and rather cheap. We bought it and then started learning all the problems and limitations with heat pressing. My companion soon lost interest and the heat press became mine! 

I love the heat press but struggled. I had read everything I could find on the internet. I had dreamed up a product that excited me. I had a rough design in my head. But I kept having problems. Fuzz! Fuzz was my number one enemy! Tiny tiny threads and unknown stuff would suddenly appear under my image no matter how I had pre-cleaned with a lint roller. Back to the internet. I found a great site
and learned the fuzz were particles that float around in the factories and get embedded in the fabric. They don't seem to show. Not till I heat press. 
My solution
 Used fabric - Repurposed fabric - Recycled fabric
Fabric that has been washed and washed a few times.

Back to 
But I was feed up!
The product I had dreamed up and designed was one that would solve that often repeated and totally irritating question "Are these clean or dirty?". And after a few minor redesigns and improvements in April of 2010 I listed my first 

Clean Dirty Dishwasher Flip Magnet 

There were only a few dishwasher magnet on the internet back then. Now many of many different designs. But mine design is still unique and still a good seller with many many great reviews. 
So today I decided to go back in time and see which has been my BEST SELLER through all the venues on which I sell.