Friday, August 7, 2015

It's August

The Weather Forecast!

100+ and it seems like the heatwave will last forever!

Yesterday 104. Oh it was hot! I went out twice to hose down the cattery and the dog's yard. Thanks goodness we are not on water restrictions now. Thank goodness I have let the yard grow a bit wild so there are lots of super shady places for the free roamers to stretch out away from the blazing sun. And me in this big early 20th century uninsulated 12 foot ceiling house? I have one cool room. And you guessed it. The day time cool room is my office! 

I rush into the kitchen and make my breakfast. Then back to the office to eat. I rush outside to feed everyone. Then back to the office again. You get the gist. But there comes the afternoon when I have much more to do outside. As I said hosing the areas down, putting fresh cool water in all the bowls, raking the cattery, afternoon feedings and such. I get really hot! The cool office, well it still helps a lot. On my outside. But my inside needs to be cooled down too! 
I needed refreshments! And there's nothing like a good late afternoon cocktail to refresh and restore!
(and thank goodness I don't have to depend on that little fan)