Friday, August 21, 2015

Hard at Work Developing My Designs and Construction

Vintage Image Night Light Boxes 

Maybe you can tell from this picture there are differences in construction. It is a process and I have never been able to take my idea and get it right the first time! Just like when I want to rearrange the furniture I can't "see" it till I drag everything around, get it all spaced just so and then I know oh yes or oh no! But I believe the process is just about completed.

 I had a frustrating day yesterday and had to walk away from the whole mess. But this morning when I was cleaning my work space so I could make my orders of Dishwasher Magnets and Pill Cases my mind made a brake through. Unfortunately I don't know when I will be able to work on them again.  Hope to get some blanks made up tomorrow but I may have to wait till my monthly trip is completed next week. After that it is full steam ahead and on to Christmas!

(and I can't forget the next product line I have bubbling in my head needs to be ready before November too!)