Sunday, July 19, 2015

Water On Unfettered

Aw just when I thought I would never, never ever do plumbing again...yesterday while filling the dogs water tub I realized all of a sudden nothing was coming out of the hose. I turned around towards the spigot and got a very unpleasant surprise. The faucet was about 6 feet off the ground being propelled there by a extremely strong gusher of water. Very expensive water I might add. After running around for a few seconds yelling at goodness only knows what, I grabbed the "turn off the meter" tool which was close by seeing how it was propping the door the shed shut, and and ran, not that I really run, to the meter. Where for a few seconds I yelled at the meter for I remembered I can't get down on the ground. Not unless I threw my self to the ground. My knees don't that. So I chunked the "turn off the meter" tool and pulled out my phone. I texted my grand-girl "Hep, emergcy, Hep I will be right thereto get u". I picked up the "turn off the meter" tool and jumped in my car drove madly 1/3 of a mile to her house holding my phone and that stupid too. (Must say it was quiet a feat seeing how my car is a standard.) Of course she calmly call the city guy to come shut off the water.
Now I am cooling off after digging out the waterline waiting for that totally inexperienced plumber, Sammy to arrive thinking "There really are some advantages to living in a town".