Monday, July 27, 2015

I Could Never Get Enough of Julia Child 

Not Way Back Then Nor To This Day

Years ago in Austin TX the TV was turned on only for the shows my parents picked for us to watch. Most I remember, some I don't. Some like Perry Mason I watch to this day. I remember the excitement in the house when my parents found out the The French Chef  was going to start showing on our station. Being teachers they were great supporters of NET (National Educational Television). It was the Boston NET station WGBH that created the 1963 television show with Julia Child being herself. Educator, enthusiast, humorist, and a charmingly darn good cook. To be honest I must say that my father and I were the most dedicated viewers in my family.  But I do believe that my whole family became and remain devoted to Julia Child. Just mention her and we all smile. 
Quotes are Quotes
Some are nice. Some are really funny. Some are poignant. Some tug at the heart strings. Julia Child's are nice, funny, poignant, and tug on my heart strings by reminding me of family, good times and a lot of cooking "moments".

Here is my second Julia Child Quote Magnet 

Julia Child Quote Magnet What-the-hell Attitude

 And as far as cooking .... that's my attitude!