Monday, July 13, 2015

FEED THE CATS fund raising campaign

Food and Care for Free Roaming Cats

Created July 12, 2015
Ellen Richardson
It started when I moved here with my 16 rescued cats and 2 rescued dogs. A big reason I moved here was because I had been told it was a cat friendly place with few ordinances. A big reason I moved away from where I had been living was a total lack of official help in stopped the illegal trapping and “disposing” of free roaming cats and other wildlife. It was within a couple of weeks that I encountered the first free roaming cat. It was a big boy whom I called FR (yes for free roamer) and who had a slice almost from ear to ear. Of course I feed him, provided antibiotics, and watched over him. I found he did have a home he always returned to but his person had gone to assisted living and he had been left to fend for himself.
That was three years ago and FR is gone and many more have come and gone. But there are always free roamers here enjoying breakfast and dinner with me.
I remember what I was told long ago when I was grieving over the death of a young kitten. I was told they don’t know they died young, but they did know they weren’t starving or thirsty. They had protection from the storms and a place to bring their young.
The cost of food alone for these cats has increased drastically over these last three years as the cost of everything has. I have supplemented my fixed income with selling my handmade items online but that has dropped off severely and I am struggling to provide food for my own cats and myself.
How can I not feed them? No one else here will. How do you look at an old straggly thing and say “no food for you today”?
Here I am asking for help feeding these free roaming cats so they don’t have to hear me say “no food for you today”. Thanks. 
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